The Station Pub Dream Team

At the Station we want to get to know our guests! And we welcome you to get to know us a little better!

Are you ready to play a little game? (If you're on a computer) Our fabulous dream team have given us 2 truths and a lie, can you figure out what their fib is?


Becky and Lloyd

1. I had dreadlocks as a teenager

2. I featured on the box of a kids lawnmower as a child model in the 70's

3. My middle name is Horatio (My mum was a Admiral Lord Nelson fan)


1. I'm a massive Harry Potter Fan

2. I don't have a middle name

3. I once came 5th out of 100 on a skiing slalom race in Austria



1. I played number 6 in Rugby

2. Prawns are my favourite food

3. I used to play Call of Duty for money


1. I'm naturally blonde

2. I once won an award for most like an orange

3. I dress my dog up in a denim jacket


1. I've played the drums for 8 years

2. I can speak fluent French

3. I'm a green belt in Jiu Jitsu


1. My initials spell VEG

2. I can play the piano

3. I have travelled to 20 different countries



1. I cracked my skull open on holiday

2. My mum has her own Wikipedia page

3. I can tap dance



1. At the age of 10 I won a talent show singing a song from the jungle book

2. I'm the youngest of 8 siblings

3. I am almost completely deaf in one ear



1. My first job was in a garage working as a Mechanic

2. I got Pamela Anderson to sign my arm

3. I was an extra on an episode of Eastenders

Harry Headshot - Website].jpg


1. I've been in a music video

2. I dye my hair Ginger

3. I did a charity boxing match


1. I swam across North London in a swimming gala and came 2nd

2. I've never broken a bone in my body

3. I burst my ear drum scuba diving whilst getting my PADI licence


1. I've broken my collar bone playing football

2. I have 2 turtles

3. I am Arsenal's biggest fan



1. I've taken part in 8 singing competitions and won 4

2. I have a blackbelt in Karate

3. I broke my wrist playing (winning) rounders



1. I'm a published film writer

2. I'm 6 foot 11

3. I have a Mexican gang tattoo but i'm not in a Mexican gang



1. I Just finished a BA honours Criminology degree

2. I’m 21 years old 

3. I’m a superb artist